As you can probably tell, we're short quite a few heroes at the moment. Hubert (our resident high school history teacher and DIY cloning expert) had just finished cooking up the first batch of clone heroes when a horde of unspeakable creatures overran his lab/suburban two-car garage. They really wrecked the place. We're not even sure how to break the news to Hubert that his near-mint collection of "Learn Yodeling At Home" VHS tapes was destroyed. But yodeling will have to wait because we've got bigger problems.

We got lucky and the first round of clones was able to grab Hubert during the attack and get him to safety, but in all the chaos all of his remaining DNA samples were carried off. They're well-sealed inside of old tennis ball containers, so there's a good chance that the samples are intact. We just need to bribe Hubert and he can supplement your clone army with new additions throughout the game.