Renowned physicist, chemist and pioneer in the study of radioactivity who discovered Radium. Also led an all-girl crime-fighting team known as "The Terrible Ladyfists."

Don't let the walker fool you - Madame Curie is one of the most formidable ranged opponents you could possible face. Firing beams of radioactive energy from her eyes, she can pick enemies off from a distance and when she gets really charged up, she unleashes a devastating nuclear explosion.


20/20 Vision

Who says exposure to massive doses of radiation is bad for you? Madame Curie taps into her radiant core and fires powerful beams of radioactive doom from her eyes.

Get Off My Lawn!

She's had JUST about enough of this noise and kerfuffle. Madame Curie rises up from the ground, building up ATOMIC FURY. The she unleashes it with EXPLOSIVE results!