America's greatest President. Prior to taking office, he was best-known for his skills as an orator and a series of amazing pulled pork barbecue recipes.

These days, Honest Abe has retired his famous ax in favor of something a BIT more dramatic. Wielding an enormous chainsaw, he wades into any fray, hacking his enemies to bits. And when he gets REALLY worked up, he becomes a whirling tornado of chainsawing fury!


I SAW What You Did There

This Union isn't going to preserve itself! Fire up Abe's faithful chainsaw - Old Sweetness - and start mowin' down bad guys.

Hail to the Chief, Baby

Honest Abe becomes a tornado of furious, chainsawing death! While active, this ability allows Lincoln to move around, dealing heavy area of effect damage and powerful knock-backs to affected targets.