Make Your Office Conference A Huge Success by Choosing the Perfect Venue


Today, a number of commercial buildings provide a conference facility for hire. Sometimes, it may be too tempting to do things the off-beat way so as to stir the interest of many. However, you’ll need to decide on a distraction-free environment which has the amenities you would require. Be it a small or large business conference, the venue makes all the difference.

The venue plays a key role in the success of a conference. If you are on the lookout for Conference Center in Arizona, drop by Apache Gold Casino Resort. Their conference room can accommodate up to 300 guests and they offer catering and other technical facilities.

Best tips for selecting a conference space:

Venue layout suitability: Determine the preferred venue layout. Some venues consist of a single large hall while some contain multiple rooms with added amenities. If your conference involves multiple workshops occurring simultaneously, or if you want to allot a dedicated space for VIP attendees, choose a space that comes with multiple rooms.

Location:  Easy accessibility to venue is important. If some of your guests are flying to the venue from different states and countries ensure the venue proximity to motorways, railways and airport. You don’t have to restrict yourself to choosing a space in the bustling city centre. You’ll just have to make sure guests can get there without trouble.

Equipment: You don’t want to arrive at the conference hall on the date of the event to find poor quality technological equipment or worse none available. The minimum requirement that should be provided are:

  • Digital projector
  • Video conferencing equipment
  • Wide screen TV

Some offer facilities for photocopier and printer. Enquire about the equipment available.

Network connection: Reliable and fast network connection is an absolute must for conferences. Some facilities offer WiFi as a part of their package while some charge a separate fee. During venue-hunting, check if the speed of WiFi is good.

Catering: Food and drinks are the fuel for any event. Most venues provide in-house catering service. See if they have flexible menu options and request for a complimentary tasting. In some cases, you’ll have to book a separate catering service and pay an additional fee for catering arrangements.

Parking: Many of the attendees are likely to be attending by car. Facilities that provide ample parking space or valet parking would make things easy for the guests. In case the parking space is light, see if there are parking facilities nearby.

Accommodation facilities: Those who are travelling from other areas may stay overnight and require accommodation. There needs to be available rooms nearby so that they can reach the venue easily. If the conference facility is located in a resort or hotel, it is an added benefit.

Privacy: Situations may arise where you would discuss company-specific private information. In such case, you’ll need more privacy and you’ll have to opt for a place that offers more privacy.

Start looking for a venue in advance so that you’ll be left with more choices. The perfect venue makes the rest of the planning easier.

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